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"/NeedAppearances" causes "save changes" dialog in Acrobat?
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Author:  alexander [ Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:34 pm ]
Post subject:  "/NeedAppearances" causes "save changes" dialog in Acrobat?


i'm using PdfSharp(Version 1.50.4845-RC2a) to fill-in acroforms with Values i get from somewhere else. In order to make these changes, i used a tipp from this forum in which you add
and/or set "/NeedAppearances" in the acroForms to true, like this:

if (acroForms.Elements.ContainsKey("/NeedAppearances"))
    acroForms.Elements["/NeedAppearances"] = new PdfBoolean(true);
    acroForms.Elements.Add("/NeedAppearances", new PdfBoolean(true));

in order to make the values visible that i've inserted.

This works perfectly and the inserted values are visible. However, when opening a pdf that was changed like that (even if i didn't actually inserted any values into the form fields and just set the "/NeedAppearances" flag) with Adobe Acrobat, i get a "Save changes" dialog when closing Acrobat. It seems like Acrobat assumes that the pdf is broken, and tries to repair it, indicated by the fact that the "/NeedAppearances" flag is nowhere to be seen after saving the changes that Acrobat made to the document and that the file size reduces by about 30%.

When opening the pdf in a different PdfReader like SumatraPdf, i don't get asked the "save changes" question, suggesting that this is an Acrobat thing.
I'm using Acrobat Reader DC version 19.008.20074.43139.

My goal is to prevent the "Save changes" dialog, e.g. stop Acrobat from making these changes when opening the pdf.

Is there someone with a similar problem? Is there a different way to make the values visible besides "NeedAppearances"?

I'm grateful for any suggetions.

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