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Can I create a button that would delete a page being viewed
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Author:  pmurray [ Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Can I create a button that would delete a page being viewed

I am new to programming in this fashion so I apologize up front. I just am trying to figure out if this is the right tool I'm looking for. Trying to develop a customized PDF viewer that can delete unwated pages via button click for Windows 10. I am using visual studio 2019, currently in C# but am not married to the language as I am learning anyway. Currently I attached the Adobe SDK and got it to open/save etc but what I would like is the ability to add to buttons to the page. Delete, Keep

When they click on "Delete" it would remove the page, and advance to the next page.

When they click "Keep" it would advance to the next page (ideally I would like it to also add their initials but this can be discussed later)

I am having trouble finding a library that is able to delete pages, is PDFsharp and/or MigraDoc capable of doing this?

I am not asking how at this point, though I imagine there will be many questions later, but I don't want to waste time combing through documentation and forum posts if the functionality just ins't there.

Thank you

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